Minimal invasive breast augmentation using fat only

Die minimal invasive Brustvergrößerung nur mit Fett

Transfer of fat to the breast is a minimal invasive technique that subtly enhances the breasts volume and reshapes them into the desired appearance. This is an approach that many women seeking to increase their breast volume go for since it also achieves the benefit of reducing fat elsewhere in the body.

A woman’s body confidence much relies on the breast size and its fullness. There are a number of issues like loss of weight, pregnancy, breast feeding and age that can trigger empty-looking breasts. These makes majority of the female populations feel insecure.

As much as breast uplifts and breast implants can be used to address the issue, not all persons desire serious surgery that may involve general anesthesia. Similarly, synthetic implants do not work out well for everyone. Diet and exercise alone may not be adequate to get rid of stubborn fat in some areas of the body. In such a case, only a body contouring treatment is effective enough to realize the final goal.

Breast augmentation using fat only is a natural process. Fat is obtained from a patient’s own body, extracted from areas where it is unwanted such as the abdomen or legs and transferred to the breast to increase its volume and in the process reshape it.

Candidates for breast augmentation using fat

This technique works out for every woman who wishes to achieve a minimal invasive breast augmentation. You must also be physically healthy for your surgeon to agree to the procedure. One thing worth noting is that this is not a medical requirement but rather done purely for cosmetic purposes.

Fat transfer may not be the thing for you in the event of the following:

  • You desire a significant increase of your breasts
  • You lack sufficient amount of fat to transfer
  • You have plans to have children within a year after the surgery
  • You need an uplift

As explained in the second point, people with less amount of fat will not be able to undergo fat transfer treatment. That is, low body mass patients are automatically disqualified from the technique.

Make sure you have made adequate consultation before settling on this method. Furthermore, be warned of unrealistic expectations as these are likely to weigh down your confidence and morale once you realize they are unachievable.

How the Procedure is Conducted

To carry out fat transfer for breast augmentation, fat is extracted from a patient’s preferred area using liposuction treatment. Doing so needs no incisions or a stay in the hospital. It is also done under local anesthesia.

This fat is taken under refining processes after which it is injected in the breasts, layer after another to achieve the needed volume. Extraction of the fat and its injection is minimally invasive since the need for general anesthesia is ruled out. It is also an out-patient process while the recovery period is less with minimal or no downtime at all.

Despite the downtime being minimal, you are advised to wait at least one to two weeks before engaging in a rigorous physical activity like the gym due to the bruising and swelling.

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