Balancing the Nose

Balancing the Nose

(New concept of Nose Correction Berlin)


Rhinoplasty (Aesthetic nasal surgery) refines the shape of nose, bringing it into balance with the other face’ features. Because the nose is the mainly prominent facial feature even a slight alteration can greatly advance appearance (a number of patients choose chin augmentation in conjunction with rhinoplasty to better balance their characteristics). Rhinoplasty alone cannot provide patient a perfect profile, make her/him look like someone else, or advance the personal life. Before the surgical procedure, it is an extremely important that patient have a clear, realistic understanding of what changes are possible as well as the risks and limitations of the procedure.


The Objective of Balancing the Nose (Nose Correction Berlin)

An attractive and good-looking face is all about balance & proportion. The nose, located center and front, gives the foundation for this sense of aesthetic balance. With the help of a qualified, skilled cosmetic surgeon, the nose can be refined and reshaped to improve the patient’s natural beauty.

Nose correction Berlin (balancing the nose) is an idea and perfect to avoid overcorrected noses to match it to the face. To balance the nose (reshape the nose), the skin is lifted, permitting the surgeon to rearrange or remove the cartilage and bone. After that, the skin is redraped and sutured over the novel frame. A nasal splint on the outside of the nose assists retains the new shape through healing. If soft, absorbent material is placed into the nose to stabilize the septum, it will normally be removed the morning following the surgery. External nasal splints and dressings are commonly removed 5-7 days after surgery.

Skin type, age and ethnic background will be among the factors considered preoperatively by the surgeon. Except in cases of severe breathing impairment, young patient usually is not a candidate until her/his noses is fully grown, at 15 or 16 years of age.


Benefits of Nose correction Berlin

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