Stunning You


Stunning you is the Plastic surgery practice in the heart of Berlin that aims to bring your Stunning results.

We pride ourselves by constant and continuous improvement of our skills and methods to be at the cutting edge of medical progress.


We are specialized in full spectrum of plastic and aesthetic surgery with special emphasis to:

— breast enlargement with rapid recovery technique

— breast enhancement with fat transfer and stem cells

— combined breast shaping with implants and fat

— endonasal rhinoplasty

— non invasive procedures such as hyaluronic acid injection for lips enhancement or wrinkles, botulinum toxin treatment

— stem cells therapies

— lipoabdominiplasty without drains

— minimal invasive face lift

— blepharoplasty with reduced swelling

— brazilian butt lift

and many more

Dr. Kamil Akhundov



Skin Booster-Superficial Injection of Hyaluronic acid Anti-aging Benefits


(Anti-aging Therapy Berlin)

Aging of the skin

Dehydrated skin becomes less elastic, less plump, and gradually, lines and wrinkles appear. They first emerge as dynamic, movement lines, but after that become permanent, and the skin becomes boring. The generation of free radicals in skin (from pollution, UV exposure, chemical aggressors and stress) exacerbates the degradation of Hyaluronic acid. Therefore, the surgery has to give hyaluronic acid back to skin, either on the surface in cream form, or in depth during injections. The objective is to bring concerning cutaneous densification, without changing the traits or the face volume…

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Skin Booster-Superficial Injection of Hyaluronic acid Anti-aging Benefits